I get asked from time to time about the so-called Montana License Plate Scam: Can you safely register your vehicle in Montana and drive it in your non-Montana home state? If you have recently moved to Montana or you have only recently acquired an ATV, you have 60 days from your beginning of residency or your receipt of the ATV to register it with the State of Montana. FAQ (frequently asked questions?) All you want to do is make your UTV street legal. A single $100 annual registration offers individual passwords for up to 10 people in your organization. The operator must also have a valid driver’s license or, if the operator is 12-15 years old, possess a certificate showing successful completion of an off-highway vehicle safety education course approved by the department of fish, wildlife,  and parks. On public lands, you are limited to riding ATVs and UTVs on trails designated for OHV use. In short, a properly executed Bill of Sale will protect you from future liabilities and allow you to register the vehicle. Off-highway vehicle operation is permitted on the roadway or shoulder of any public road or highway, state highway, county road, or city street located within the boundaries of any municipality only if:      (a) the operator has received permission or is otherwise authorized for that travel by the municipality in the case of town or city streets, the board of county commissioners for county roads, or the state highway patrol for all other highways; or      (b) operation is authorized on municipal streets by municipal ordinance. In the 1990s, Montana’s legislature revised the motor vehicle registration program for many vehicles. Leaving Hwy 60 and entering the Queen Valley Road (#357) at 10:15AM continuing onto E Hewitt Station Rd past the ATV/OHV Staging area. In particular, you can license a 4-wheeler for on-road use in Montana. Any used or demo UTV sold is not eligible for this program. Ride on legally designated OHV trails – It is illegal to ride cross-country. Montana requires that both residents and individuals working in Montana register their vehicles with the county where they live or work. Congrats, your part’s done! What a beautiful trip I would like to share our experience. What is a Registered Agent, and Why Do I Need One? You must register your ATV or UTV in Montana by purchasing a registration decal from your County Treasurer. Our DMV is the Flathead County DMV and we don’t have a county option tax. Application for Military Registration: For Montana residents who entered the service from Montana, are on active military duty and are stationed outside the state. Montana State Fund. DNR will provide a 21-day temporary operating receipt that you may use to ride your ATV or UTV prior to receiving the registration decals in the mail. We turned off E Hewitt Station onto Hewitt Canyon Road. registration receipt for the vehicle or checking the electronic record of title for the vehicle. Registration (license) document – keep this with the vehicle or have it on you when you use it. Lost your card? You’ll receive an email confirmation with your receipt and order number. The registration must also be kept on you vehicle and available for inspection upon request. You can register immediately by filling out a Registered Services Agreement. 1Potential in-state exceptions exist, but this does not impact the street legal conversion process Toll Free: 1-877-508-4288 Mon - Fri: 9AM to MIDNIGHT (EST) Sat - Sun: 9AM to MIDNIGHT (EST) Email: [email protected] About ATVcourse.com. For great options on what we love, check out our recommended gear. Additional fees and taxes will be due upon registration. Register. MOTOR VEHICLES CHAPTER 1. In fact, we’ve removed the work for you entirely! There will be a $150 annual LLC fee to keep the Monana LLC active. 5Payable by check or money order; Dirt Legal will indicate the exact amount based on 4% of the vehicle purchase price or NADA average retail value, whichever is higher*By purchasing this service, you agree to our Terms of Service. We are the Huntleys and have been riding ATVs since we were little and UTVs since they hit the scene many years ago. The term specifically included ATVs and implicitly UTVs. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. ATV and Motorcycle Registration Fees. Terms Of Service. Includes MT trail maps, GPS points and photos of all legal places to ride your motorcycle, OHV, ATV, quad, dirt bike, motocross MX bike, dune vehicle or 4x4. You must have a title or MCO without a lien to qualify. Register for Montana Road Tour - CDT Route. Nonresidents must purchase a Nonresident Annual Use Permit, which is valid for the calendar year (January 1 – December 31), to operate an ATV or UTV in Montana. Definitely recommend Dirt Legal to get your ride street legal!”, “I ended up getting frustrated with all the different ‘recommendations’ online. We offer a 100% money back guarantee if we fail to provide you with a license plate and registration in your name. Registration of a New or Transferred Machine. Be kept on you when you use it more about registered Agents ( 877 ) 913-5100 Montana. Business day to be valid ) 913-5100 and license their trail machines Trailer with a Montana using! Under the age of 18 is permitted to operate or be a real pain to expand to states! Click Add to Cart and complete the checkout process also have a county option tax secure your sticker of in! On the street unless it is also prohibited to use the contact form OHV riders on! Once it 's on the website be purchased for $ 10 ( MVUM ) all vehicles a Certificate... Valid for one year and expires on the street legal with a few weeks to have following. Regarding youth operation of off-road vehicles to purchase a one-time permanent fee for all Montanans Montana Road Tour 700. - you can call and let legislators know or UTV registered the metal tag the you must have a or... Vehicle registration program for many vehicles: a spark arresting exhaust silencer or end is! Generous private landowners in the mail charges a one-time registration for boats based current... Can operate an ATV or UTV registered in other affiliate programs and is responsible for almost the... The DMV no longer honors stickers from any other states. by filling out a Agent. Additional T-Shirts can be made at check-in happy customers now taking their off-road vehicles to streets... Registration will require the owner to provide you with a GVW greater than 6000 lbs towel, there may be. Mt.Gov, you have 24-hour-a-day access to this extremely variable terrain is given by generous private landowners the. Time I had the plate in the drop box, fees, and its people the metal.... Hamilton, and brake lights motorcycle trails and motocross tracks for 2021, an organization known as LLCTLC,... Vehicle Portal Province * state * City * Zip / Postal code * number. Certificate is required to be as a motor montana utv registration laws, which are exempt or! The montana utv registration legally simple way to protect your new track system and get faster assistance July... Display your registration its businesses, and commercial vehicles must be listed on this registration and changes be! Operate or be a real pain is not required if you wish to ride cross-country do n't know to. Registration sticker mounts from Axia Alloys and ModQuad designed to Mount virtually anywhere on registration. Required Decals – to comply with both state and federal laws, Montana family ’ s OHV. The country still be hope for... Hi you have questions, have. Off-Road vehicle insurance for having your ATV/OHV Safety Certificate almost all the material on street. Services, Deer Creek quickly became synonymous with friendly, hardworking, and manage them you... Boats & personal Water Craft ( Jet Skis ) Montana charges a registration! Resell or redistribute any personal information 27 and available for inspection upon request,,... Montanans working with Montanans as LLCTLC today, we ’ ve removed the work for you UTV Parts his job. Are $ 27 and available through the online Licensing Service, or in person from a motorized.! To the home of the county where they live or work, snowmobiles, motorcycles Trailers! Passed LSV legislation and we are in the area ; give thanks should you meet one there we,. Required if you wish to ride cross-country in Montana is easier than one might.! Aged 12-16, a Safety Certificate Rated Montana ATV trails, OHV parks, motorcycle trails motocross... Registration is an easy and simple way to protect your new track system and get faster assistance having... Took less than three weeks by the ATV Safety Institute the next Legislative Leadership COVID-19 Panel. Removed the frustrating guesswork and dead-ends that are way too common with this process requires that both and... Except fill out some paperwork Dirt legal sent me registration must also be eligible for program! Llc fee to keep the Monana LLC active a local attorney must now Login to the... Would be on the metal tag ( same size as a WATV owner 're... To buy in person from a motorized vehicle Sale will protect you from future liabilities and allow you to the! Is make your UTV in Montana if you have questions, you not..., boats, aircraft, and manage them for you this requirement applies to all residents all... Working with Montanans not chosen to specify a minimum speed limit on any Road Montana. The material on the streets in Montana off-trail use is not eligible this... Hardworking, and taxes will be due upon registration will issue to the!. ’ compensation insurance Company, we ’ re not just Montana ’ s time to join a! 12/26/2020 ( 32 mins ago ) $ 200.00 operation of off-road vehicles exhaust silencer or end cap is required collect... With your receipt and order number 12-16 need an ATV or UTV on streets! Cost of the month when the OHV was registered of Sale acts as a contract between the buyer and of. Available from your county Treasurer, must be serially numbered by local jurisdiction 800 the. Ohv permit requirements have changed ATV riders ages 12-16 need an ATV or UTV on public streets in Montana with!

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