In recent years, more and more international students have started coming to New Zealand for their studies, using the New Zealand Study Permit. There are three official languages in New Zealand; English, Maori and New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL). Post Study Work Visa (employer-assisted): This visa lets you stay in New Zealand for a further 2 years. Post-study work visa. Post-Study Work Visa Rules for New Zealand. It also provides excellent opportunities for the individuals interested to work, study, invest or visit in this part of the world. The previous visa system saw an emphasis on employer sponsorship, and students often ended up attempting to get jobs for which there was no real demand, just so they could stay in … The two-year post-study work visa is back in the UK after being abolished seven years ago. But the work right entitlements for those studying at bachelor level and above would be more generous. New Zealand; Switzerland; the Republic of Korea; Citizens of the rest of third-world countries are required to obtain a visa for work purposes before traveling to Germany. New Zealand has recently announced reforms to its student visa policies and will now allow all international graduates to stay and work for up to three years, without the need for employer sponsorship. A temporary visa that allows international students to live, study and work after you have finished your studies. In addition current post-study open work visa holders will be eligible for up to a further 24 months open post study work visa. Language. With immigration, work permit and visa rules getting tightened everywhere, you should remain updated about the post-study work opportunities in the foreign countries. After you’ve finished studying in New Zealand, you can apply for a visa that lets you stay here to work. Read on to understand what they are and how they are going to affect you. A Post-Study Work Visa allows your partner to work and your dependent children can attend free school like domestic New Zealand kids. Post-study work visa plays an important part in most students’ decision making as it allows students to gain that international working experience after completing their overseas education.The New Zealand Government had recently made changes to their post-study work rights for international students ensuring that post-study pathways will benefit international students and employers. Hansraj hadbeen in New Zealand for six years after having first come here on a student visa. Following in this article find the procedures you need to follow, including the documents you need to obtain, in order to get a Germany Employment Visa. The New Zealand academic world is vibrant and increasingly internationally-oriented. This option lets you travel and work in New Zealand for up to 12 months, or 23 months if you’re from the UK or Canada. This becomes three years if work experience is required as part of your professional registration. Hi all, I am post study work visa holder ( One year) planning to leave NZ to reunite with family due during COVID-19 border restrictions. My employment contract will be cancelled since I return home and will be renewed after I am able to return to NZ. This may be extended to 3 years in certain cases. The significant changes to NZ immigration policy are: All Educational Documents (10TH, 12TH, BACHELOR DEGREE). You can apply and pay for your visa online. Student visa options | Immigration New Zealand. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED. Most of the new conditions will be introduced over 2020 – 2021. Is my EOI SMC still valid? Background. You'll need a student visa if you study in NZ for more than three months. Resident visas. Post-study work visa NZ (New Zealand) – Indian students pursuing studies abroad often wish to gain work experience in the host country after completing their education. with effect from 2018, the Government of New Zealand following a public consultation has ushered in changes to immigration policies that impact post-study work rights for international students. Immigration New Zealand (INZ) have set new priorities for visa processing.Rules for migrant workers assisting with essential services have also been relaxed, and an exception process has been put in place for the travel ban. The changes are in response to concerns about the quality of education and study being used as a back door to residence, said immigration minister Iain Lees-Galloway. Traditionally Masters courses take two years to complete, although there are now a number of programmes that can be completed in a year. Resident visas generally allow you to live and work in New Zealand indefinitely and access most publicly funded services. Immigration NZ has recently changed the post study work visa policy. “Universities will continue to campaign for a new, two-year, post-study work visa and we are encouraged to see that the government is willing to make change in this area.” According to Russell Group head of policy, Jessica Cole, allowing international graduates to remain in the UK for up to six months after completing their studies is a “step in the right direction”. Working after study. Here's what we know of the new "graduate route" so far. As is clear from the long list of qualification criteria and multiple factors that go into determining the length of NZ Post-Study Work Visa, you must seek expert immigration advice to avoid making any mistakes. If you'd like to work here after gaining your qualification to get some experience, you need to know about our requirements to work after study. The results Education New Zealand receives may also include visa decisions pre/post the student visa application (such as a work visa post study). UK’s Post Study Work Visa New Rules - Eligibility, conditions and limtations explained. Brexit Check how the new rules affect you. Some students can work in NZ because of what they’re studying in another country. A Post-study Work Visa may be granted for 1, 2 or 3 years depending on the level of your qualification, and lets you work for any employer located within New Zealand, and in almost any job. However, this visa relates to a specific employer and the nature of the job. New Zealand’s post-study work visa lasts for one, two or three years, depending on the level of students’ qualification and where they studied. The decent climate, beautiful sceneries, good economy and lifestyle, etc. This will enable us to provide a more personalised digital experience and undertake research and analytical studies associated with our functions. Get a brief idea about New Zealand Work Visa requirements for Indian citizens. The new policy which was announced on 8th Aug 2018 has greatly benefited the students who plan to pursue a Post Grad Qualification in NZ apart from benefiting the students with 2 years of post-study work visa if they pursue a qualification outside Auckland. You can study either a taught or research Masters and after you graduate you'll be eligible to work for up to three years in New Zealand on a post-study work visa. New immigration routes have opened for applications to work, live and study in the UK. In New Zealand, you can study English in a language school, study post-graduate courses in one of New Zealand's many universities, or take courses in make it a fantastic place to live in. LEVEL 7 graduate diploma is a very popular program in New Zealand as they allow students to get further stay permit (post-study work visa) after studying a minimum of one year in New Zealand. New Zealand is a high-quality study destination – in 2018, it was ranked the best English-speaking country in the world at preparing students for the future by The Economist Intelligence Unit. This visa allows you to stay in New Zealand and work for two years. For information about visa extensions during COVID-19, visit the Immigration NZ website. New Post-Study Work Right Rules Level 4 to 6 and non-degree Level 7 qualifications: Earlier: Prior to the changes, students who studied for 24 months were entitled to a one-year open work visa and then a two-year employer-assisted work visa. Also, I had submitted EOI SMC and now deferred until further notice. Grant of Partnership Based Work Visa. New Zealand Immigration. ... Often referred to as a ‘Post-Study Work visa’ in India, the new Graduate route will launch for the 2020/21 intake of students to university. In September 2019, Immigration New Zealand announced a raft of changes to work visas and they re-opened the parent resident visa category. After Change: Now, two-year employer-assisted work visa has been removed and a one-year open work visa is retained. And, New Zealand allows international students to obtain a post-study work visa for 1, 2 or 3 years provided they fulfill the conditions laid by immigration authorities of New Zealand. Level 7 programs are highly skilled and specialised as it is equivalent to first-year entry of Master Degree or 3-years Bachelor’s Degree. What are the most significant changes to the New Zealand immigration policy in 2020? New Zealand is a wonderful, peaceful and clean country. Post Study Work visa (Employer Assisted) Once you’ve secured a job, you apply for the Employer Assisted Post Study Work visa. International students who have graduated with a New Zealand qualification can apply for the post-study work visa. You can either apply for your visa at your home country’s New Zealand embassy or consulate, but the application fee is 10% cheaper online. NEW ZEALAND STUDY VISA REQUIREMENTS. Work in New Zealand is an opportunity for a person who wants to excel in their professional career with the right to reside in the nation known for providing a comfortable lifestyle. Working holiday visa. He thereafter continued to stayin New Zealandfirst on Post Study Work Visa(Open),and then on Post Study Work Visa Employer Assisted) before finally applying and getting his Essential Skills Work Visa. Your partner can also apply for a Work Visa , and if you have dependent children , they can study fee … 2. IELTS with Minimum Overall Band Score 5.5 / PTE with Minimum Score in the Range of 43-50. For more information about visas, please visit the New Zealand Immigration website. The call comes as a new poll from ComRes reveals increased support for international students and graduates in the UK. The visa will allow students to work for any employer and work in almost any job New Zealand, with the exception of providing commercial sexual services or operate or invest in a business that does, according to New Zealand Immigration . The UK education sector is elated that post-study work rights are set to be offered to international students for two years post-graduation, with students graduating in the 2020/21 academic year set to benefit from this new immigration rule. In fact, New Zealand now offers the second most generous post-study work rights in the world, according to The Pie News. Work visas. You can also study for 3 months in 12 months.

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