I am at a loss as to which of the choices to take at the end of the Dragonborn quest Retaking Thirsk is the best one. A guy called Stalleo asks for your help retaking his castle, but rather than going in guns, or rather swords blazing in this case, he instead asks you go about it using stealth and your wits. Then you get what is essentially the burning of a faux Guy Fawkes–Guy Fauxes?–and the quest is over. You find Telrav on the side of the road, he tells you he was attacked and needs your help, and he takes you ten feet down the road to a tower and says he’s going to bring you a reward, and by now it if wasn’t obvious enough that this was a trap, it is now. There’s no actual investigation work, you’re just picking up notes that tell you what happened. Your goal is to travel to five different ruins to gather Aetherium Shards, which can be used to create a crown, sword, or staff. It contains the axe belonging to Hrothmund. This is found more toward the center of the island. Resistance to poison is the most useless thing in Elder Scrolls history, and having to do the same paint by numbers quest you’ve already done a hundred times to get it is basically an insult. Returning to J’zargo and giving him the news unlocks him as a follower, to replace the one he potentially killed, and that’s it. All you get out of it is the Mace of Molag Bal, an thoroughly underwhelming weapon that deals 25 points of damage to your target’s stamina and magic. Yay! Much has been said about the Civil War questline–primarily that it feels pointless since the end result doesn’t influence the world one way or the other. For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch, Guide and Walkthrough by SENIORBILL. Once you do that, you use the vessels to wake up, Hevnoraak, an ancient dragon priest who you have to defeat. FudgeMuppet 54,563 views. Retaking Thirsk Note: This mission will have you siding with the Nords to retake Thirsk Hall from the Rieklings who have wrested it from the Nords. Instead, you have to complete a series of radiant quests first. To receive it, speak with the blacksmith in Raven Rock - Glover Mallory - who's the brother of Delvin Mallory from Riften.The man will ask you to bring him the Ancient Nordic Pickaxe which is in possession of Crescius Caerellius.You will soon learn that he's the owner of the ebony mine. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition > General Discussions > Topic Details. The first task the chief asks is to find Bilgemuck, a unique Bristleback, and bring him back to Thirsk. “Will I get to play an instrument or even sing?” I wondered to myself. It’s full of music and singing and dancing! Hrothmund's Barrow is part of the quest Retaking Thirsk. Retaking Thirsk: - Help Bujold the Unworthy retake Thirsk Mead Hall. * * Only one of these quests can be completed (depending on whether you side with the Nords or rieklings). The two of you will meet at that axe to commune with Hrothmund's spirit. Dragon Hunting is another radiant quest that sees you traveling all across Skyrim to do more or less something you’ve already done countless times up to that point. They’re dank, dark places built of stone, full of either machines or ancient creatures to fight, and feature plenty of dimly lit hallways that would give the Marvel Netflix shows a run for their money. Go to Dead Man’s Respite, pick up King Olaf's Verse, return to the college. Stalleo asks you to sneak into the castle through a secret escape tunnel, then making your wait out and quietly opening the gate so he and his men can get inside. I’d hazard a guess most Skyrim players don’t even bother with it. It’s almost like the game is mocking you at this point. Retaking Thirsk (DLC2MH01) Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry; 10: I met a group of Nords from Thirsk Mead Hall, which has recently been overrun by Rieklings. A waste of time all around. Retaking Thirsk has you first killing the Rieklings, and then accompanying one of the Nords to receive a blessing from Hrothmund, some Nordic god. She asks you to go in and kill everything and get the treasure, and that’s pretty much all there is to this quest–another delve into an identical dungeon killing the same enemies you’ve already killed countless times. Your reward for all of this is that you now have the option of using Onmund as a follower, at which point he’ll be like any other follower in Skyrim and just silently follow you around forever. Usually all you get out of these battles are some crappy shields, or weapons, or armors, and whatever loot you find in the fort itself. Community content is available under. The quest begins when you find an “unusual gem.” You’re them prompted to take it to Maul, who’s an expert on pink rocks. Retaking Thirsk. Retaking Thirsk and The Chief of Thirsk Hall are side quests introduced in the Dragonborn DLC. Bujold will be waiting for you just outside the barrow. “Hey, tired of entering the same dungeons over and over again? Though seen by both the Nerevarine and Dragonborn, neither can equip and utilize the weapon. It was difficult narrowing it down to only 20, but not impossible. Unfortunately in Skyrim, that’s literally all there is to it. But it really says something about Bethesda’s design philosophy that they decided to make thieving an optional extra in the Thieves Guild. In a sign of what’s to come, Signus is tucked away in a cave far to the north that’s pretty hard to get to. Zales. Among Skyrim’s worst quests are the ones relating to the guilds–the Companions, the Bard’s College, and the Assassin’s Guild. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dragonborn Game Guide by gamepressure.com. Only here, you don’t actually get a quest marker for most of it. The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine, https://elderscrolls.fandom.com/wiki/Hrothmund%27s_Barrow_(Dragonborn)?oldid=2972188, After ascending the first flight of stairs, encountered upon entering, there is a hidden door on the right-hand side of the passage, with a pull chain to the left of the door. Bujold and her group of Nords can be found at Bujold's Retreat along the eastern shore of Solstheim, a short distance south of Skaal Village. "Meet Bujold at Hrothmund's Barrow" is an objective in the side quest "Retaking Thirsk" in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dragonborn. One quest that takes you to the depths of one of these bland dungeons is Evil in Waiting, specifically to Valthume. Retaking Thirsk has you first killing the Rieklings, and then accompanying one of the Nords to receive a blessing from Hrothmund, some Nordic god. She will then reveal that she is quite confident that she will receive Hrothmund's blessing once again. But there’s a reason for that: Lost to the Ages is the longest quest in the game, and takes you all across the map, delving into five ruins. The spice in question is just more dungeons and monsters however, which is incredibly disappointing if you were hoping for nutmeg. Did her husband somehow train the wolves to guard his alcohol or did they randomly show up? Admittedly it does get more interesting when you return when a new wrinkle is added. 1 Quests 2 Characters 3 Ingredients 4 Notable items 5 Trivia 6 Appearances Retaking Thirsk Bujold the Unworthy, during part of the "Retaking Thirsk" quest. As of November 2016 it’s sold 30 million copies and has found its way to numerous consoles over the years. May 27, 2018 @ 1:27pm Retaking Thirsk: Which choice is the best? Telrav’s Request is a classic story in any work of fiction, even real life. It’s one of the daedric prince quests, Molag Bal, so that’s to be expected. Finding the Thalmor Assassin is a quest unlocked after completing the main quest Diplomatic Immunity. If the setup of Medresi Dran and the Wandering Dead isn’t enough to put you off, maybe the reward will–the third level of Animal Allegiance. Elmus Favor Quest (mead): Retrieve one bottle of Ashfire Mead for Elmus. The characters are bland so you don’t want to do anything for them, the plot is non-existence, and all the quests are pretty much identical. Normally this would be the end of the quest, but your decent into madness is only just beginning. Feb 20, 2013 @ 4:14pm I've deciding to backtrack on helping the Thirsk because they just aren't that cool. An original title like that should tell you all you need to know about this quest, literally. After recovering them all, you then have to do the Skyrim Shuffle–enter a dungeon, kill everything inside, get an item, and return to the quest giver. Bujold will ask for your help to retake Thirsk, although it is your choice if they deserve it. "Commune with Hrothmund's Spirit" is an objective in the main/side/misc quest "Retaking Thirsk" in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dragonborn. Credit where credit’s due, some of the main quests are pretty excellent, particularly attacking (or defending) Whiterun. Again, it’s hard to say that Lost to the Ages isn’t worth your time, because there’s a TON of cash to made from it. Skyrim is chock-full of ancient tombs and ruins, yet each of them are functionally the same and all look nearly identical. Once defeated, the quest ends and you get a helmet that’s only worth about 900, and gives you resistance to disease and poison. They're camped on the eastern shore of the island, waiting for an opportunity to attack and take back their home. The basic premise is that a group of Rieklings have taken over Thirsk Mead Hall. Few quests typify the common problem with Skyrim’s quests like Dragon’s Breath Mead. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ... sorry lot retake Thirsk Mead Hall. They involve attacking a fort full of soldiers with some soldiers of your own, and that’s it. If you help the Reiklings, you must first get Bilgemuck, a hog of some sort, then after killing the Nords, the Riekling chief will attack you out of fear you might try to take his throne. They're camped on the eastern shore of the island, waiting for an opportunity to attack and take back their home. Suddenly, while you were exploring this seemingly unimportant ruin you’re given a pretty important quest of freeing this man’s wife. Playing this quest with a mod that disables fast travel or in survival mode is a nightmare. Cave That’s it. For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch, Guide and Walkthrough by SENIORBILL. Both quests are essentially the same. That’s all anybody wants from something called “The Thieves Guild.”. I was asked to do the ol’ Skyrim Shuffle again, that’s all. Quests Bujold the UnworthyHrothmund the Red She tells you she came to Angarvunde to look for treasure, but some Draugr chased her and her men off. If you help the Reiklings, you must first get Bilgemuck, a hog of some sort, then after killing the Nords, the Riekling chief will attack you out of fear you might try to take his throne. *; The Chief of Thirsk Hall: Help out a Riekling Chief at Thirsk Mead Hall. After that, the "leader" will ask you to meet her at Hrothmund's Barrow. Exactly like Onmund, he never comes up again in the game unless you take him with you, at which point he will silently follow you forever. Elder Scrolls is a FANDOM Games Community. But then you get into the dull quests like having to attack forts and take them over for yourself. Hrothmund's Barrow Two options will be available; either have Bujold to go on ahead or to go with her. Hrothmund's Barrow is a cave situated on the Island of Solstheim northwest of Snowclad Ruins and west of Headwaters of Harstrad. TES V: Skyrim - Dragonborn Guide. Originally, what you find there is an axe embedded in stone, which cannot be removed - this mod adds in the axe as a Weapon, nothing else. After reading the elder scroll, the Daedric prince Hermaeus Mora will appear and ask you to gather the blood from five different races: a High Elf, Dark Elf, Wood Elf, a Falmer, and an Orc. Anyone who’s played Skyrim before can tell you that most of these races are incredibly rare, and tracking them down without murdering innocent people can be a nightmare, involving delving into massive dungeons for hours. Put simply, this mod replaces the static version of Hrothmund's Axe in Hrothmund's Burrow with one you can pick up and equip. Lead it to a small pen by the side of the mead hall to complete the first part of the quest. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of other quests exactly like it we’ll have a look at, but this is a good starting point. The NPC tells you they have a problem (her husband is a drunk and hiding his drinks somewhere), and only the most important person in the entire game (you) can help them (by bringing her the drinks). INSTALLATION: I met a group of Nords from Thirsk Mead Hall, which has recently been overrun by Rieklings. Hrothmund used the axe to slay Drengr Bronze-Helm, thus making him Chieftain of the Thirsk Mead Hall. Bugs . Type Quest done. No shocking twists, no set up, it’s ridiculously obvious it’s going to be a trap from the beginning, you kill a handful of low-level bandits, and all you really get out of it is the knowledge that you’re now seconds closer to inevitable death with nothing to show for it. After the Nords have taken Thirsk Mead Hall, rieklings will try to retake it. Of all the quests in Skyrim, The Lost Expedition sounds the most exciting on paper. This being a Skyrim game, it’s unbelievably easy. As a result, the scroll actively hurts you and could potentially kill your own companion. You get some training out of it, but by the time you make it to the college, chances are those skills are already highly leveled are completely useless to you. Hrothmund's Axe is the legendary battle-axe once wielded by Hrothmund the Red. You could work either for the Nords and kill the Rieklings in Retaking Thirsk, or vice versa in The Chief of Thirsk Hall. Anyone who attempts to take hold of it has their spirit judged by Hrothmund himself." Too many quests (in fact, almost every single one of them) follow the same formula: talk to somebody who asks you to go to a dungeon, kill everything in the dungeon, and report back to that person. It forces you to do some dark stuff, especially at the start when you’re lured into a house and the door locks behind you until you kill Tyranus. Literally nothing. Behind the door there is also a. It’s also a tough one to say it’s not worth your time, because what you end up getting out of it, the Oghma Infinium, is a great item. Seriously, there is no reward whatsoever for doing this tedious, boring quest. As a final insult, your only reward is a bit of gold, and acceptance into the college. The idea is that the army you side with will use them as a staging ground for taking over the rest of that province, but these quests are so boring. You can chop wood by using a Woodcutter's Axe (one can be found in Riverwood near the the saw mill) and using it on a woodcutter's block.These blocks are basically tree stumps. For a game as big as Skyrim, there's bound to be some pretty awful quests. Rieklings may continue to spawn repeatedly, even after Retaking Thirsk is completed. Hrothmund the Red, founder of the Thirsk Mead Hall, in voice only. These are the worst ones that the video game has to offer. Bethesda’s idea of spicing this formula up is little more than also asking you to pick up an item once you’re done killing everything. If you ever get tired of delving dungeons and fighting monsters, there’s always the Bard’s College to spice things up. After all, she received it before. It’s a fun, organic quest with a fun twist ending. So you’re given three choices: convince Christer that Fjola’s dead and make him leave, or kill either Christer or Fjola. Rate, Comment & Subscribe! After retaking Thirsk Mead Hall, Bujold will ask the Dragonborn to become her second. Walkthrough . Quest Retaking Thirsk. So I decided to whip up a list of the 20 absolute most GARBAGE quests in the game that just aren’t worth your time. Because of its dark nature, a lot of Skyrim players don’t like this quest. These quests just feel like they’re there to pad time. No, of course not. But lo and behold, Maul is a member of the Thieves Guild, so in order to continue, you have to go through the rigmarole of joining that first. This fight is against the Forgemaster, another Dwemer robot that you’ve already fought countless times throughout this quest. You’ll be asked by Esbern to clear out the dragon population, but simply killing dragons isn’t enough. You’re then thrown in a cage, and are forced to track down another innocent person so that Molag Bal can torture them. Only in these small side quests can you break into houses and steal stuff, so you can ignore the main quest entirely if you want. Like Onmund's Request, J’zargo’s Experiment is a weak side quest involving what could be an interesting character at the College of Winterhold. No compelling ending to the story, no acknowledgement of the fact that you just killed all of Fjola’s bandits to simply get to her, nothing. Characters Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Josh Griffiths has spent years writing about video games. Hrothmund's axe is in there with him. But of course, this means traveling to five ruins, each of which look and function the same, fighting the same enemies, and solving the same puzzles five times. Nothing but whatever you loot of the corpses of the dragons you kill, which isn’t anything you wouldn’t normally find on a dragon. Instead, you have to kill them at their lairs. Walkthrough. Location ID In future updates I'd like to expand on the 'Retaking Thirsk' quest. In that quest, you help the Thirsk Nords who camp out at Bujold's Retreat defeat the Rieklings. In reality, The Lost Expedition sees you walking around drab, gray hallways and caverns. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. If you’re more interested in rewards, well, you’re not going to find much here. Once you go back and forth between killing the same old dragon again and again and speaking to Esbern, the quest will end and you get nothing. That could pretty much be an entire video game itself! Hrothmund's Barrow is a cave situated on the Island of Solstheim northwest of Snowclad Ruins and west of Headwaters of Harstrad. You don’t find any hideous monsters or the mummified ghosts of the people who once lived there, just the same old creatures you’ve already been fighting throughout the game, the Falmer. Just some lousy gold. This involves going back to Esbern every time you want to kill a dragon, you can’t just go out in the world and find them yourself. Inside the Barrow, head on up the stairs to the North. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies If you’re anything like me, you joined the Bard’s College out of curiosity more than anything else. Walkthrough . Other Quests Deathbrand: - Find the treasure of Haknir Death-Brand. You begin the quest almost on accident, only by choosing to explore the ruins of Mistwatch on your own. But it is just guess work more than an actual puzzle. Bujold the Unworthy explains that he group needs someone battle-hardened and competent to help take on the numerous Rieklings and retake the Thirsk Mead Hall. Unfortunately, once you do open the gate, the quest devolves back into the standard “kill everything and talk to the quest giver again” quest we see all too often. As well as a laughably stupid name, Discerning the Transmundane is also one of the worst Daedric quests in the game. Upon entering Valthume, you are greeted by a ghost who–like every NPC in the game–asks you to grab multiple items (mysterious vessels, in this case) and bring them back to him. There’s a lot of great potential there. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dragonborn Game Guide ... (a common axe) doesn't inflict large damage and she's rather weak herself. Head to Thirsk Mead Hall¶ The quest will initiate and the objective is to kill eighteen Rieklings including the Chief. He’s a Nord who uses magic, a rare sight, and his family actively discouraged him from going to the college. No Stone Unturned is yet another quest that sees you traveling all across Skyrim looking for something. You then have to take it to Vex, also in the Thieves Guild. When all of that is finally over, all you get out of it is the Prowler’s Profit, which gives you a chance of finding more gems in chests. You can do this either by a quick speech check, or by going to some other dungeon for the umpteenth time and binging the guy who bought the amulet a staff. Onmund is a rookie in the guild, a novice with as much personality as a brick. They will appear in groups both outside and inside the hall. That number is likely to skyrocket once again when Skryim VR hits the market, whether it’s a “complete dumpster fire” or not. Isn’t that fu—haha just kidding, it’s all about going into dungeons and picking stuff up to you loser!”. But the sheer disappointment in how this quest plays and how long it is overrides any joy you might get in finding anything down there. The quest can be completed in seconds if you have the fast travel marker for the camp, and you’re rewarded with 250 gold, even less than pocket change by that point in the game. Then you have to travel to some underground ruins, fight though hundreds of monsters, dodge traps, solve a puzzle, then return to Signus. You’re given no reason whatsoever to care about Stalleo or why he should have the castle back, and all you’re given as a reward is the spell tome for detect life. Your job is to find a Khajiit assassin who’s trying to kill a guy called Malborn. A relatively easy mission which can be completed in a matter of seconds. Now writing for The Gamer, he takes an interest in indie games, history, and his dog, Cam. The first task is to return Bilgemuck to its pen on the southern side of the Thirsk Mead Hall. Note: This mission has you taking the side of the Rieklings who have taken Thirsk Hall from the Nords. It’s like Bethesda couldn’t help themselves. You don’t need to repair any generators to restart ancient machines, you just hit switches every so often. Of course, the drinks are hidden in a cave, and of course it’s mysteriously guarded by enemies, wolves in this case. Somebody pretends to have been wounded by a bandit attack, they ask the hero for help, and it turns out they themselves are a bandit and were just luring them into a trap. From Executive Editor of Cliqist to contributor at Twinfinite and Scree Rant, he's dedicated his career to writing about gaming. From her, you’ll find out that it’s actually one of the 24 Stones of Barenziah. Approach the beast and offer it some meat for bait, such as Horker Meat, and it will begin to follow the Dragonborn. Well, you better go play Oblivion or Morrowind then, because there’s none of that here. You’ve got to delve deep into some ancient ruins, rediscover the forgotten city of Nchuand-Zel, restore power to the city, fight back the current monstrous inhabitants, find out what happened to the original search party, and loot the remains. Should the Dragonborn not yet have assaulted the Thirsk Mead Hall during Retaking Thirsk, the Rieklings who have taken over the hall will be friendly. Map The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. One of the minor quests for the College of Winterhold, aka the Mage’s Guild, is Onmund’s Request. Forgetting about Fjola is admittedly one of the more interestingly set up quests in the game, it’s just that the payoff doesn’t follow through. More on the way!! Once again, that’s it. He could have been a great character. Thanks, Skyrim. Upon speaking to Bujold, she reveals that her group has been kicked out of Thirsk Mead Hall, located up on the hill near the Beast Stone, by a group of Rieklings led b… You get a small pittance of gold, and that’s it. Side missions - Thirsk Hall and Bujold's Retreat. This can take hours, and you’re not going to get your reward until you’re done with all of it. This quest becomes available once the main quest Rebuilding the Blades is completed. Through the door you will find a water-filled room. Go on through the door at the top of the stairs. The axe is found during one of the quest branches you get at the Thirsk mead hall (if you chose to side with the Nords - "Retaking Thirsk"). I agree with Locklave; assisting the Nords isn't all that exciting and seems to prevent the player from recruiting a Riekling as a follower. Why would he need guards when he’s already hidden the drinks? The second is that much of these quests are just busy work. She is married to the ill-tempered Kuvar, who has a hard time dealing with the shame of being overwhelmed by Rieklings. While there, you run into a man named Christer, hiding in a small room. Skyrim - The Rulers of Thirsk and the Rieklings - Elder Scrolls Lore - Duration: 13:57. Then he brings his friends and attacks you, and that’s it. During the Retaking Thirsk quest you are sent here to witness a ritual that confirms the leadership of the Nords living in Thirsk Mead Hall after you have helped clear it of rieklings. Three of the side quests for the Bard’s College involve going into dungeons and picking up three musical instruments for three different people. Hey, do you like the idea of stealing things from people? What does being a member of the Bard’s College get you? This location also appeared in the Bloodmoon expansion for Morrowind. That’s okay, here’s the Bard’s College! Either way, there are a several flaws with these quests. J’zargo will ask you to test some scrolls he created in combat. To do this, you travel to Ri'saad's caravan camp and talk to people about who the assassin is. The scroll is meant to do damage against any undead enemies, but they also cause damage to the player and any followers you might have. The treasure itself isn’t anything to write home about, including the Animal Allegiance shout, there’s also a treasure chest with some generic loot. Hrodulf's House: - Uncover the secret of Hrodulf's House. This quest begins by traveling to Angarvunde, yet another ruin, and speaking to Medresi Dran. Luckily, all of these radiant quests are what you’d expect from the Thieves Guild. Dragon’s Breath Mead begins when you speak to a random NPC (Olda, in this case) in an equally random settlement (Dragon’s Bridge). That’s right, you have to wander every square inch of Skyrim looking for these stones because nobody knows where they are. For other uses, see Hrothmund's Barrow. They’re opposing quests, allowing you some degree of choice of how to go about it. Thirsk Rumors: - Investigate Thirsk Mead Hall and the exiled Nords. 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