The University of Sheffield Medical School does not usually accept students wishing to transfer from a degree course at another institution. The Medical School receives a variable sum of money every year towards assisting students with their Phase 3b elective placement. Everything you need to know about applying to study medicine at the University of Sheffield. No. You are encouraged to prepare by reading the NHS Constitution, the General Medical Council's publication 'Good Medical Practice', and by keeping up to date with recent medical breakthroughs, topical controversies, ethical issues and NHS politics. The integrated structure of this course ties clinical Medicine to medical sciences and allows students to develop clinical competencies from the beginning of the programme.. Please see the DBS Website which provides a full list of offences that will never be filtered from a criminal record (i.e. Offer decisions are made only once all of the interviews have been completed. In order to be admitted to the University, a student must satisfy the entry requirements of the programme and the matriculation regulations. If A101 applicants are ranked by UCAT score, they will be ranked separately from A100 applicants. where small amounts of time have been lost from a particular subset). You should therefore be sure that you will be able to attend at your chosen time before you make your booking. At Sheffield Medical School we welcome deferred entry applications; you simply need to state that you wish to defer your entry to 2022 on your UCAS form. We recommend that you keep a journal when undertaking work experience, recording what you found interesting, what insights you gained and what you were inspired to go and find out more about. We aim to answer such requests within three weeks. It gives you a bit of a teaser as to what clinical years will be like. It is supported by our A100 MBChB Admissions Policy and our A101 MBChB Admissions Policy. Unlike other courses, we offer you the opportunity to get involved in real healthcare situations from an early stage. It should be noted that it is very likely that UK graduates will still need to apply for a training programme similar to the current Foundation Programme and that places on this programme may not be guaranteed for every UK graduate. Yes. All suitably qualified UK graduates have found a place on the Foundation Year 1 programme, but this cannot be guaranteed, for instance if there were to be an increased number of competitive applications. We are not yet able to give a definitive date for the completion of the selection process. A negative result from overseas laboratories will be checked when you arrive in Sheffield, and if you are then positive for hepatitis B surface antigen, the restrictions described in the second paragraph will apply. Provisionally registered doctors can only practise in approved Foundation Year 1 posts: the law does not allow provisionally registered doctors to undertake any other type of work. The entry requirements you need in order to apply for our courses are listed on each individual course page. Unsuccessful applicants are then notified via UCAS. Applicants invited to attend an interview should be able to communicate not only what meaningful activities they have undertaken, but also what they have learned from these experiences, particularly in regards to their future as medical practitioners. We do not set a dress code for the interviews but of course your appearance at interview is important. For entry in 2020 we received over 2,600 applications for a total of 306 places. Admission to the course offered by the University of Sheffield Medical School is subject to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (1974) Section 4(2) (Exemption) Order 1975 and the Department of Health Circular HC (88)9 guidelines regarding child protection and police checks. There is no requirement for students to undertake large scale printing or to have posters printed professionally. Applications will also not be considered from applicants who have failed to complete a medical degree at any university. If you are currently planning your gap year we would suggest you refer to the previous section on Relevant Work Experience. The Medical School has a great support system with very supportive staff that helped me adjust into the system. University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) Registration and Bursary Scheme opens. For me it was great because as a postgraduate I had been sitting in lectures for three years and had never been on the wards. There are so many sub-societies to get involved in and you'll definitely find something for you. A100 applicants must meet both the academic and UCAT thresholds. In this article, we go through University of Sheffield’s UCAT and academic entry requirements for their Medical and Dental Surgery courses! University of Sheffield Graduate Admissions. Matriculation is the act of placing a student's name upon the matricula or roll of members of the University. Applicants placed on a reserve list will be notified of this by email. Contact University of Sheffield to find course entry requirements. Students can also apply for a reduced Maintenance Loan of £2,324 (reduced to £1,811 in the final year) from Student Finance. The EPQ must be taken alongside the A Levels. However, we note that the UCAT cut points in 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19 fell around the 70th-73rd centile. If this happens the UK graduates will receive full registration as soon as they have successfully completed an MBChB (or equivalent) degree. Although five years studying in another country may seem daunting, the University, and Sheffield as a student-friendly city provide a unique experience. We send our interview invitations by email. For 2013 entry we received over 3,000 applications for 237 places with the majority of these meeting at least the minimum academic requirements. Applicants are encouraged to make contact with current international medical students to find out more about studying at the Medical School. We select applicants using a step-wise process that considers: The academic entry requirements can be found on the relevant course page: MBChB Medicine (A100) widening access entry requirements. How we deal with Disrupted Studies is set out in our Disrupted Studies Policy. Whilst you are encouraged to be prepared for your interview, you are strongly discouraged from reciting answers to the interviewer. In addition to the values and characteristics mentioned above, the University of Sheffield Medical School is committed to selecting applicants able to demonstrate at Multiple Mini-Interview the core values set out in the NHS Constitution. The University of Sheffield is a public research university in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. To clarify further: A caution will be 'protected' and should not be disclosed if: It was received when the applicant was under 18 and the caution is more than 2 years old. Applicants that are to be invited to interview will be notified directly by email between 12th and 16th November 2020. The Medical School will interview approximately 1200-1300 candidates for Medicine for 2020 entry. Students are not eligible to be assessed for the University of Sheffield Bursary Scheme during this year. As an international student, I can say that choosing to study medicine at the University of Sheffield is one of the most fulfilling decisions I have ever made. We do not release scores attained for the interview or its component sections. When considering which of the applicants who meet the Academic and UCAT minimum thresholds to invite to interview, International Students are ranked separately to UK Home Students. Unsuccessful applicants can expect to be notified via UCAS by approximately 21.12.2020. At Sheffield, in addition to academic entry requirements, candidates must have achieved a score of 2420/3600 or above to be given consideration. See what she gets up to in lectures and follow her to our clinical skills centre. For students on the A101 programme:  At present, students on 4-year graduate entry programmes eligible for an NHS bursary have some of their tuition costs met in years 2-4 on their programme and may be awarded NHS Bursaries from the second year of their studies onwards. Firstly, this demonstrates that you have a realistic insight to the profession - you are after all committing to a lifetime career when you apply to study Medicine. The Medical School will not normally consider additional information not included in the UCAS form when deciding which candidates to invite to attend Multiple Mini-Interviews. Generic advice on preparing for interviews can be found on the Medical Schools' Council website here. We do not read or score UCAS Personal Statements as part of the selection process. About Graduate Entry Medicine at University of Sheffield ... We are a founding member of UKCAT, a consortium of medical schools across the country that has developed a pre-admission test for entry to study medicine. Panel-based Interviews for applicants applying via the Sheffield Hallam University or University of Bradford Widening Participation routes will be held in July 2021 (date to be confirmed). This score is used to rank applicants when deciding which applicants will receive an offer. The buddying scheme put on by the Medical Society pairs first year students with second year students. The interviews in Sheffield may differ from the format demonstrated by Medical Schools' Council. At the end of the MBChB programme, students who wish to practice medicine in the United Kingdom must provisionally register with the General Medical Council. You will need to put your request in writing (either via email or post) to the Medical Admissions Team, explaining your reasons for requesting deferment. The immunisation process will be undertaken via the Sheffield Occupational Health Service once you have registered on the course. Application to Medicine is extremely competitive and most of the people who apply meet or exceed the minimum academic requirements. The UCAT SJT will contribute to the interview score as follows: Interviewed candidates can therefore attain a total score of 10-45/45. The UCAT cut point may fall on different centiles in this selection cycle. Years 1-4 are funded by Student Finance. For the A101 programme, applicants who meet our Academic entry requirements (and; who also meet our Widening Participation requirements) whose UCAT score meets or exceeds these UCAT cut points will be invited to attend an interview. Interviews will be conducted on weekdays from 23 November, through December 2020, January 2021, February 2021 and, possibly, into March 2021. Please note that during the current COVID-19 pandemic admissions staff are working remotely. End of Stage 2. The number of places available to study medicine is regulated by the Government and controlled through intake targets. Offers/Unsuccessful decisions notified to students via UCAS. The MBChB programme includes a 6-week Student Selected Component in Phase 3a and a 7-week Elective placement in Phase 3b. If you have not received such an email within an hour of your booking attempt (check that it has not gone into your Spam folder) then you have not completed your booking, and should try booking again! Applicants who meet our minimum entry requirements and have the highest UCAT scores are invited to attend an interview. Applicants who are not going to be invited to interview will be notified via UCAS that their application has been unsuccessful in December 2020. The UCAT cut point in the 2020-21 cycle may differ from the values given below. What happens to your application (including timeline)? There are clinical placements in all years of the MBChB programme. Your personal experience with disability can give you greater insight into the lives of many of your patients, and make you better equipped to assist them as a doctor. Successful applicants can expect by 16.11.2020 to receive an email from the Medical School admissions team (not UCAS) inviting them to attend an interview. Office of Admissions UNC School of Medicine 1001 Bondurant Hall, CB# 9500 321 S. Columbia Street Chapel Hill, NC 27599-9500 Phone 919-962-8331 | Fax 919-966-9930 After this time period your provisional registration will normally expire. You are therefore encouraged to use email to make contact with the admissions team. We make a number of offers each year with the aim of meeting our target quota. Further enquiries regarding this should be addressed to: I remember coming to Sheffield Medical School and after talking to just a handful of people, thinking to myself 'wow everyone is so friendly!' Sheffield’s five-year Medicine programme takes a patient-centred approach, with focus on common and crucial clinical conditions. Your work experience does not have to have been undertaken with a doctor. You should ensure that you accurately complete in full the details of all of your qualifications. Where the cut-points lie will depend on the UCAT scores of all of the applicants meeting the academic and UCAT thresholds. No. It should however be something within a caring environment. This threshold has been determined by considering the 40th centile score attained by those who took the test in 2019. Consider your hobbies and extracurricular activities and research what Sheffield University has to offer. Lancashire A maximum of four choices on the UCAS form may be made for courses that lead to a professional qualification in medicine, although you can use a fifth choice for a non-medical route. The requirement areas are: Academic Prerequisite Course requirements Computer and Technical requirements The definition of Technical Standards are Personal Attributes and Capabilities Essential for Admission, Promotion, and Graduation of UNC-CH Medical Students … Students may choose to undertake their periods of study in Sheffield, elsewhere in the UK, or elsewhere in the world (provided that the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office does not deem that place unsafe to travel to). I will inform the medical school if, at any stage of the course, I am no longer able to meet the standards and requirements listed in statements 1-24 above. Meeting the minimum academic and UKCAT entry requirements does not guarantee an invitation to interview or the offer of a place. A career in medicine is extremely rewarding. Our Reserve List Policy explains when and how we place applicants on the Reserve list, when we remove applicants from the list and what actions applicants on the reserve list should take. All applicants meeting these requirements will advance to the second stage where they are ranked on their UKCAT score. Therefore, where an applicant is resitting one or more A Levels, the standard entry requirements of AAA will apply, and the attained EPQ will not modify this to AAB. If you decide you wish to defer your entry mid-way through the application cycle, we may still be able to accommodate your gap-year plans. Stage 1a: Applications will initially be checked to determine whether they meet our minimum academic requirements (the academic threshold). You'll be part of a Medical School where excellence and innovation are the norm. Students can also apply for a reduced Maintenance Loan of up to £2,389 (reduced in the final year) from Student Finance. There are no other compulsory study aids for the MBChB programme. Applicants with an EPQ who are resitting A Levels must therefore resit sufficient A Levels to attain AAA grades. No. A101 applicants meeting the academic, UCAT and widening participation thresholds may be ranked by UCAT score, but this will only be undertaken if there are more applicants meeting all three threshold than we have places at interview. Beech Hill Road Applicants who will not have reached their 18th birthday by the first day of the second term of their first year are welcome to apply but will be required to defer their entry. These will vary depending on destination. University of Sheffield Medical School scientists are contributing to the fight against coronavirus, joining a national consortium to map the outbreak. Find and click on the course you're interested in and you'll see details about entry requirements listed in the course tab. Phone: 0114 222 5531/5533/34 There are many advantages to taking a gap year, including: A number of students find that taking a gap year leads to increased confidence, maturity, and self-insight, all of which are relevant to a career in medicine. Please read the sections of this website on Health Requirements and Criminal Record Checks for further details. There is no upper age limit. The anatomy dissection workbook and the histology workbook are provided in hard copy without additional charge. Applicants who wish to be considered for both A100 and A101 will need to apply to both courses. UCAT will annotate a candidate's results if they have experienced a significant issue that may have affected their test performance but which does not warrant a resit (e.g. during the interview. The ranking cutpoints were as follows:  A100 Home 2740/3600; A100 Overseas 2760/3600; A101 2700/3600. A university famed for its sense of community and down-to-earth attitude and world-class teaching. If you wish to sit the UCATSEN, UCATSENSA or UCATSEN50 you will need to apply directly to the UCAT office for approval. Please be as clear as possible and avoid any ambiguity. You cannot compensate for a UCAT score that is below the minimum accepted level with higher academic attainment, or vice versa. 4-year MBChB Graduate Entry Medicine course Graduate applicant for five-year course (please see the 'Alternative qualifications' section on our 5-year MBChB Entry Requirements page for a description of our selection process) There are other UCAT test centres in Malaysia and elsewhere around the world, and details can be found on the UCAT website. The Medical School will accept as documentary proof an authenticated laboratory report showing either the presence of hepatitis B surface antibody, or if antibodies are not developed after a full course of immunisation, that you are negative for hepatitis infectivity. All entrants to Medicine are required to undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. Alternatively, you may consider studying an alternative degree with a view to applying to Medicine after you graduate (please note that we require graduate applicants to have achieved at least BBB at A Level, including Chemistry or Biology). During your MBChB degree programme, you will be expected to travel throughout the region for both hospital and General Practice placements. All interviews will be in structured Panel-Based interview format, and will be conducted online. The first year introduces you to the core professional themes, which run throughout the course, and the biomedical scientific principles which underpin clinical practice. Entry Requirements Please note that these requirements are the minimum required in order to be considered for entry to the Medicine course. We will then ensure that it is matched with your application. Choose to study medicine at the University of Sheffield and you'll get the perfect preparation for your medical career. If you have extenuating circumstances or health problems that we need to be aware of, you are encouraged to submit a Disrupted Studies form. Work experience is also important in enabling you to develop (and to demonstrate that you have) the relevant skills and qualities that are essential to becoming a good doctor. You are expected to become familiar with the contents of this document and the related document: Professional behaviour and fitness to practise: guidance for medical students and their students (May 2016) from the very start of the course. Year 5 onwards is funded by the Department of Health. Eligible students can apply for a loan to cover the full cost of their tuition fees and a contribution towards their maintenance costs. Provisional registration is time limited to a maximum of three years and 30 days (1125 days in total). Applicants in these categories who meet our academic requirements and have these UCAT scores or higher will be invited to interview today. Details of tuition fees for UK students can be found here. Approximately 50% of a student's clinical placements within the MBChB programme take place within the local region, including but not limited to Barnsley, Chesterfield, Doncaster, Grimsby, Worksop and Rotherham. Congratulations on receiving an offer of a place to read Medicine with us!

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